The Mesilla Valley Linux Users Group started several times over the course of years. Early annals of the groups activities were mysteriously lost, despite the fact that virtually nothing was on paper and there was no fire that we know of. They just... disappeared.

2007: So here we are. 2007. We have regular meetings on the first Monday of every month. Nobody really knows who's running this show, but it doesn't seem to affect things much. By acclamation (and possibly acclimation) we've decided to talk someone into getting up each month to do a presentation about something or other. So far, we've been wildly successful.

2008-10-06: After more discussion than action, someone fought entropy and finally set up a wiki. Yay! These pages are now editable. (And there was much rejoicing...)

2010-01-22: I believe it has been 5 years since our first install fest in the spring, where we decided to restart the LUG. Maybe we should celebrate at this install fest.

You can find an old 2005 copy of the MVLUG website on the Internet Archive Wayback machine (this link sometimes does not work).

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