Upcoming Install Fest!

Spring 2012

What is it?

We help you install Linux on your computer. You can also come and try Linux out and see how right it is for you.

We do this for free as a service to the community. That is, everyone is invited to come, either to help or get help!

While open to the community, there is a focus on NMSU and its classes that use Linux. Don't let that stop you from coming. We're the Mesilla Valley Linux Users Group (MVLUG) and El Paso Linux Users Group (EPLUG) — we're not affiliated with NMSU.

Note: We try our best, but as volunteers we can't accept any liability for results

When is it?

The date is Saturday, February 4th, 2012. Hours 10am till 2pm MST (-7), with no new installs after 12:00.

Typically, install fests are held every fall and spring semester, and are planned on our mailing list and meetings.

We announce (at least) to MVLUG's mailing list and NMSU's CSALL list. If you receive our announcement and would like to pass it along, please feel free!

Where is it?

It's held on the NMSU campus, in Science Hall room 124. See map, directions, & parking information.

What will you do?

We provide assistance with VirtualBox and native (both single-OS and dual-boot) installations of Ubuntu for x86 systems, as well as any other requested distributions and architectures (note: if you do have a request, it's helpful to let us know in advance. We'll give it our best shot in any case, but things are likely to go more smoothly if we've had a chance to research it a bit in advance!).

We provide a wired and wireless router (a laptop running ubuntu) which also hosts a caching proxy to speed downloads. We also supply installation media, both CD/DVDs, and on USB drives. Volunteers try to help people install Linux on their computers, or help people with problems they've encountered with Linux.

What do I need to bring?

If you're bringing your laptop, remember to bring its power cable.

If bringing your desktop, bring your power cables, monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

The group will probably order pizza — have cash (~$5) to chip in if you're hungry!

What do I need to do before I go?

First, backup important data. You never know what might happen.

After that, it depends: are you planning a virtualized (VirtualBox), dual-boot, or bare metal installation? If you don't know or forgot the difference, see install types.

Please do these before arriving!


Make sure you've at least 10 GiB of free disk space. Check out or VirtualBox project page!


Like the virtualized install, make sure you've at least 10 GiB of free disk space. Unlike the virtualized install, space you dedicate to dual-booting Linux will not be usable for other purposes (i.e. you'll have that much less space available to Windows).

It'll be necessary to repartition your disk to provide space for GNU/Linux. A few time-consuming steps must be done before you arrive!

  1. Defragment your disk. TODO: INSTRUCTIONS NEEDED!
  2. Check your disk for errors. Click Start → Run → Type in cmd.exe. Type chkdsk /f to check for errors and make sure FAT/NTFS filesystems are consistent. Follow any instructions about rebooting, etc.

Bare metal

Be ready to erase your hard disk.


Previous Install Fests

For installers and MVLUG members, we've compiled a list of lessons learned when conducting install fests.

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