What Was New

  1. Used a file server to serve the MVLUG Virtual Machine Files
  2. Purchased pizza from Ziffero's (A local pizzeria)

Lessons Learned

  1. Faster network switch.
  2. Although the pizza was good, I think in the future pizza hut is a much closer price to donation ratio.
  3. I really think that a sign in sheet would be value added on many levels
    1. We would know how many people were here.
    2. This would help the FIFO process. I do not think that we need to work one on one till the problem is done, but it would ensure that everyone gets helped in a timely manner. I know that I would look up and see people that we greeted in and it had been a while since I talked to them and they hadn't been helped yet.
  4. Thumb drives worked very well. Don is very correct in that this seems to be possibly the ideal solution, however the last install fest we tried dvd's and they won't work with our image as the image file while importing has to be readable. I would like to try the network share again (on a faster switch) at least one more time but definitely have thumb drives available.
  5. Longer network cables. In the past we've not had this problem but we need longer network cables.
  6. We need input from instructors as to what the students are inspecting. This is the first time in the install fest that we've had someone ask for Fedora. This was based on an instructors request. I would have prepared a virtual machine for them if I had known that's what they needed.
  7. I should have installed vmware-guest-additions on the virtual machine.
  8. Create an exit survey for people to fill out. This needs to have information like how long did they wait, were all their questions answered, would they be interested in signing up to the mailing list, things of that nature.
  9. We should separate the room into full/dual boot installations and virtual machine installations. This idea is great if we had room, this past event there wasn't mot much room to do that.
  10. We should have our own area for helpers. Much like servers in a restaurant I think it would be a good idea to have your area and as you finish with people from your area, you can invite other people off our call in sheet to your area. I know that we kinda already do this, but I think it would be beneficial to the helpers to keep them in one area and to the "customers" because I know as I bounce around the room I get pulled to other areas, and have to find out what the "customer" was working on before and then give my advice.
  11. I think that our next meeting should be a follow up to the install fest. We should have a flyer that says our next meeting is here at this time and we will open it up to a forum for q/a for the students. I read an article not to long ago that talks about the conversion to Linux and that people come to the install fest, get Linux installed but then are left in the open, wild environment to fend for themselves and that we as a LUG should nurture and help along people who want help.

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