This install fest was held on September 3rd at 10:00am MST (-7)

Versions of OS's Provided

  1. Ubuntu 11.04 32 bit

  2. Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit

  3. OpenSUSE 11.4

  4. Fedora 15

  5. Puppy Linux

What Is New

  1. Addition of name badges to identify helpers as well as provide some sort of souvenir to helpers.
  2. A designated Door Greeter / Secretary, Miss Jessi White, will be greeting and entering users into the sign in sheet spreadsheet.
  3. Updated sign in sheet and sign out sheet to provide better data to the customers we service.
  4. Multi switch configuration to provide better access to the wired network.
  5. Network statistics gathering.
  6. Canned beverages instead of 2 liter bottle beverages.


The Network

File Server Bandwith Usage:


Lan Interface ( on Valiant:




Lessons Learned

  1. Need a strip to cover the cables from the front of the room to the network table, to prevent tripping hazzard.
  2. Need to have a flyer available for the LUG.
  3. Need to have thumb drives ready to go with installs.
  4. Need to download 64 bit iso images.
  5. Redirect windows update to Ubuntu.
  6. Times should be recorded by the door person, as the time data was skewed by the use of different clocks, and some of the helpers didn't fill out their sheets properly.


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