This install fest date will be February the 4th, at our current meeting place: Science Hall 124 at NMSU. The default install will be Debian. Please click here for more information about install fests in general.

Versions of OS's Provided

Both 32 and 64 bit versions will be provided during the install fest.

  1. Debian

  2. Linux Mint

  3. Linux Mint Debian Edition (xfce, gnome)

  4. Ubuntu 11.10

  5. OpenSUSE 12.1

  6. Fedora 16 (xfce, gnome, kde)

  7. Puppy Linux (32 bit only?)

What Is New

  1. Changing up our default virtual machine image to Debian. The move from Ubuntu was made based on the fact that the new versions seemed to keep breaking things, as well as, the general consensus of hatred for unity.
  2. Different update caching software, hopefully better statistics
  3. Moving pizza and drinks up an hour earlier so that more camaraderie can be had by all.


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Fliers / Important Docs

Lessons Learned


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