Install Fest Survey Questions


The results of the spring 2011 survey are available at Google Docs:

Exit Survey

How long did you have to wait for a volunteer that could help you?

How long did you spend at the install fest?


How would you rate your level of expertise with computers and technology and general?

How would you rate your level of expertise with Linux?

What distribution did you want installed?

Which distribution did you end up getting?

What kind of installation was performed?

Were you satisfied with how long you had to wait for a volunteer?

Were you satisfied with how long you spent at the install fest?

When you left, was your Linux installation working?

Did you come to the install fest because a class mentioned it? If so, which one?

Are you aware that there is a Linux Users Group (LUG) in Las Cruces, called MVLUG? And that they have a mailing list and community to which you can pose questions?

Where you satisfied with the help you received, and the amount of time given?

How would you rate…

Likert scale of:

Free answer

  1. How do you think we could improve the next install fest?
  2. What outstanding issues still exist with your installation?
  3. What did you like about the install fest?


The e-mail we'll send out telling them about MVLUG, asking them to fill out a survey, and to join the mailing list.

The Mesilla Valley Linux Users Group (aka MVLUG) wants to thank you for coming out to our install fest event this past weekend.

To better understand the needs of attendees so we can make future install fests better, we ask that you please fill out this survey:

The survey is simple, and should take no more than 5 minutes. It is completely anonymous.

MVLUG is a community of students, professionals, and hobbyists dedicated to using and learning about Linux and other free & open-source software (known as FOSS). We have monthly meetings and social gatherings, often featuring presentations on cutting-edge topics in the FOSS world.

You can find more information about us at

If you're having problems with Linux or FOSS, we'd love to help! Subscribe to our mailing list, and send us an e-mail:

Just to be clear: you need to join the mailing list by following the instructions at the link above — we aren't subscribing you. Otherwise, this is the ONLY e-mail we will be sending you. Please ignore this message if it was sent to you in error.

Thanks! Members of MVLUG

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