Jonathan A. Lindsey

Email: <jlindsey AT SPAMFREE omegakira DOT net>


My name is Jonathan Lindsey. I am currently employed as a Network Engineer. I have been using Linux/OpenBSD for many years. I used to run my own webserver, dns servers spread around the country, and mail servers. All of which were Linux based. I have used Linux professionally for several years. I used to work for an ISP that uses Linux for a majority of their servers.

Public Key

Below is my public key info:

pub   4096R/523C81E6 2011-01-12
      Key fingerprint = 1581 CFC1 CC18 2299 B383  F0E8 6943 D2BE 523C 81E6
uid                  Jonathan Allen Lindsey (My First PGP Key) <>
uid                  Jonathan Allen Lindsey (Work Email) <>
sub   4096R/846783E0 2011-01-12
sub   3072D/8DF59254 2011-01-12

You can find my key here:

I am more than happy to sign your key however you must adhere to the rules specified here:

Current LUG projects

  1. VirtualBox Ubuntu Virtual Machine for our install fests. I create an Ubuntu Virtual box image and update it a week before the install fest.


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