NMSU's campus map points out Science Hall.

You can spot Science Hall on OpenStreetMap or Open MapQuest.

And on Google Maps.

Finally, here's a map illustrating the following directions. The big red X marks the approximate location of SH124 in the Science Hall. The red "57" marks parking lot 57.



  1. From University Ave., turn South on Espina to enter the NMSU campus.
  2. Turn left on Stewart St.
  3. Turn left again on Sweet Ave.
  4. There will now be a parking lot (Lot number 57) on your right. The three-story L-shaped building fronting this lot is the Science Hall.


Per university policy, parking permit requirements are not enforced evenings (after 4:30 p.m.) and weekends (see page 10 of NMSU's parking regulations, list item 1 at the top of the page). However, restrictions such as handicapped parking, service vehicle parking, etc. are still enforced.

Nearby parking lots include:

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