Back in 2005, CharlesCosse drafted a mission statement that MVLUG members at the time agreed upon:

The Mesilla Valley Linux Users Community (aka is here to help people interested in Linux to get the most out of Linux.

There are two ways we do this: First, through our open mailing interface you can communicate your linux questions directly to our mailing list and get prompt expert advice from local experts at no cost.

Second, our "Mesilla Valley Linux Corps" offers real people with extensive Linux expertise who have volunteered to act as consultants throughout the Mesilla Valley.

These volunteers can help you with a multitude of services, from presentations to installation assistance, including networking issues and large scale solutions for businesses.

Our membership consists of:

and many other Linux users who get satisfaction from helping people get the most out of Linux.

Find out about the multitude of opportunities that are available through the Linux platform. We're here because we love Linux and the Mesilla Valley. Drop us a line!

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